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Can Energy Co's Cope With Home Tech?

05 October,2017

Our energy providers are facing a tsunami of change and for many its been a game of catch up.

Future of Energy Management

27 September,2017

In Australia, amongst all the commentary on the dire state of the energy market , perhaps we need to ask ourselves" Should energy pricing be driven by the market or by Government intervention?"

Is Our Home Wiring Up To The NBN?

25 September,2017

The nbn co. just announced that it’s testing a new diagnostic tool aimed at remotely finding out whether a home has any wiring faults and particularly copper telephone lines in fibre to node suburbs.

Let's Make Our Homes Power Stations

05 September,2017

The UK government says it wants smart homes and gadgets to be connected much more closely with the electricity grid.

Get Up To Speed On Speed (Before It’s Too Late)

20 July,2017

It’s no coincidence we’re giving away Cat 6 data cable twice a day at our ARC stand if you can answer one of the “101 NBN Questions You’re Customers Could Ask You” (just listen out for our horn during the day & come running).

Do We Give a Finkel?

05 July,2017

A new blueprint to reshape Australia's electricity market by Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel provides a workable platform to achieve energy security, reliability and affordability whilst also meeting our global carbon objectives over the next 30 years.

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