India’s Safer Wiring
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India’s Safer Wiring

12 September 2017

ICA India is working with state governments across the country to improve electrical wiring.

India’s 25 state Public Works Departments (PWDs) are responsible for the planning, designing, construction and maintenance of all Government assets, including residential Buildings, hospitals, schools, courts and much more.
Electrical Installation & maintenance is an integral part of their role, but each state has developed their own standards, specifications or systems that aren’t necessarily in line with India’s National Electrical Code (NEC) or National Building Code (NBC).
With ICA India support and guidance, 17 state Public Works Departments have now revised electrical wiring specifications in line with the NEC and NBC guidelines. 
India’s second largest state, Uttar Pradesh, is a great example. Its PWD has worked closely with ICA India on a range of initiatives to improve standards, including running workshops on safe electrical installation for PWD Electrical engineers in line with recent amendments in National Building Code of India & National Electrical Code of India.
ICA India was also invited by Uttar Pradesh to take part in technical discussions ahead of proposed amendments to its installation standards culminating in acceptance of ICA ICA India recommendations on a number of improvements, namely: 
                   Copper (earlier Aluminium & Copper) as the only conductor for wiring within buildings.
                   Use of min 1.5 mm2 wire for internal wiring from existing 1 mm2
                   Separate earthing wire with each circuit
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